Thursday, December 28, 2006

Kenny's Six Pack

I cannot get the theme from "Six Pack", starring Kenny Rogers and the left-over cast from The Bad News Bears, out of my head. I believe the sentimental credit roll tune was titled, "Love Will Turn It Around".

Sunday, December 24, 2006

36. Simple Solution

You need not strain for solutions in love or marriage or anywhere else. Strain means you want to use old thoughts to handle new moments, which is like using last week's weather report. The only way to solve a problem is to see your own unclear mind as the cause and nothing else. Your birdbrained friends won't do this because it means dropping their precious hatreds and accusations. Do right for yourself. Don't hesitate. It brings life to your life for the first time.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Tittle Me This

Okay. I have officially found my new favorite show: public access' Tittle In The Middle, starring TV/Radio personality, LaDonna Tittle. With Jason Robards' voice and the sassiness of Monique, LaDonna takes us into her home and her big, cholesterol-ridden heart. This episode brings us closer to the Tittles. Ragu sauce and all.

Cookin' Wit' Tittle: Secret Blend
LaDonna makes spaghetti with 83-years young Aunt Marguerite.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Secret Agent Clam



From Fando y Lis, Jodorowsky

built hemispheres
around you

an ontological
transmission vocale

is where you meant me

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Lithuanian National Anthem

Lithuania, my homeland, land of heroes!
Let your Sons draw strength from the past.
Let your children follow only the paths of virtue,
working for the good of their native land and for all mankind.

Let the sun banish all darkness from Lithuania,
with light and truth always guiding our steps.
Let the love of Lithuania burn in our hearts
and for the sake of our country let unity blossom.

Crap With A Star!

Sometimes I feel like Ed Wood.

"Why woould he make a picture with you?"
"Because he's my friend."

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

96. Sick Humans

"Still think people are nice? Just wait until you finish seeing the entire horror show. Men and women are depraved beyond description. Example: the devilish degenerate who tries to esacpe his self-caused trouble by deliberately trying to get someone else into trouble. Think it happens rarely? This sick act occurs millions of times daily, unseen by its victims. Hypocrites don't like an exposure like this, not because it is shocking, but because it is true."

---"Vernon Howard is an island of sanity in a confused world."

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Birds of the Baltic: An Orinthological Travelogue, E.J. Barnes (Drowned Town Press, 2005)

This unique peek into bird watching across the Baltics is done in an accessible, comic book format, complete with light-yet- compelling narrative. The characters visit the Baltics for vacation (Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia), and their first stop is the Lithuania's captial, Vilnius. During their tour around Gediminas' Pilis (Grand Duke Gediminas' Castle), the female character spots unusual birds gathering around which she likens to "crows with gray vests". These birds seem to resemble mockingbirds to her, although they are not indigenous. Their distinct mannerisms set them apart from other birds, namely the repetitious bobbing of their tails. This little bobbing-tailed bird perplexes the travelers for the remainder of their trip through the Baltics.

She asks a Lithuanian inn-keeper who does not seem to know, then, when in Latvia, asks a Latvian tour guide. A "lapwing" is suggested along the way. Finally, an English-speaking Estonian tour guide who happens to have on her person a multi-language nature guide solves the case of the mystery bird--it is a White Wagtail.

The illustrations in this comic are pleasant and clearly tell the story, even to this reviewer's liking, without many explanations. Points of interest most notable necessitating the monologue: a stop in Estonia, Tartu, which highlights a ceremony of Midsummer's Eve, or, Jannipaev. Once a pagan sun holiday, it became Christianized as St. John's Day, a time for men named John, (Janis, Jons) to wear wreaths of oak leaves upon their heads.

"You stay up all night and go hunting in the woods for fern blossom. This is really an excuse for spending the night drinking with your friends around the bonfire and rolling in the bushes with your sweetie. It is, after all, a fertility ritual."

This is a fun little comic with heart. As much of an orinthological lesson as it is a charming documentation of a trip to the Baltics.

Ancient Word Collage

Saturday, December 02, 2006

"Poetry makes nothing happen"


Altering perception so one does not face reality.
Freedom issues. Is man truly free?
Pride. A man is truly a man?
Survival. Man expresses himself.
Man cannot express himself.
Never cry in town.
The holy communion of the heroine
the skin of a pear. An arsonist.